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Our online violin lessons are designed for everyone—whether you're 8 years old or 80 and picking up the violin for the first time, or an adult revisiting your passion.

Violin Students

If you're already attending violin classes, use our online violin courses as a supplementary resource to accelerate your growth.

Music Teachers

For music teachers, our online violin lessons are a valuable addition to your teaching toolkit, offering innovative methods to help your students succeed.

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Welcome to PlayViolin.ca, where your aspiration to master the violin becomes a reality. Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to sharpen your skills, our expertly crafted violin lessons have something for everyone. Under the guidance of experienced violinist Klaudia Thibault, you’ll dive into the core aspects of violin technique, posture, and pain elimination. Our flexible online platform lets you tailor your learning experience to fit your life, so you can become the violinist you’ve always dreamed of being—all from the comfort of your home.

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Expert Violin Technique

Learn the intricacies of violin technique, including bowing, fingering, and articulation, all under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

Posture & Pain Elimination

Say goodbye to backaches and wrist pain. Our posture-focused lessons help you play comfortably for hours.

Flexible Learning

Tailor your learning experience according to your schedule. With 24/7 access, you can practice whenever inspiration strikes.

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  • Expert instruction in violin techniques, posture correction, and pain-free playing
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At PlayViolin.ca, our goal is straightforward—your success on the violin. Guided by Klaudia Thibault’s years of experience and Master’s Degree in Musical Education, we aim to provide the most comprehensive, effective, and engaging online violin lessons available. Klaudia’s commitment to proper technique and pain-free posture sets the foundation for our curriculum. Join us to experience a new level of violin mastery, all from the comfort of your home.

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